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Terms & Conditions

Booking Fee

A non-refundable booking fee of £100 will be required which secures the date and includes any associated administration/correspondence – This booking fee amount will be deducted from the full balance as per the original quote. By paying the Booking Fee you agree to accept all terms and conditions.

*IMPORTANT INFO* - The wedding date is only secured once the Booking Fee payment has been received. The payment must be paid within 48 hours of the documentation being sent to you or the date will be released and may be booked by another bridal party.


Quotations are valid for 14 days from the date the quotation is sent to prospective brides, due to yearly price increases Carly Cox Wedding Hair reserves the right to amend the quotation after the 14-day period has expired. 


A trial date will be discussed upon confirmation of booking and payment due by bank transfer one week prior to the trial date itself.

Trials are held on Mondays at 10:00am with Sundays a possibility subject to availability.

A Trial is and additional service cost and is not included in the on-the-day quotation.

Due to limited availability, I travel up to one hour to any preferred locations for trials as I have a designated bridal space for trials at a location in OX12. Should the duration of your trial exceed one hour of travel you will be required to attend my designated bridal space at OX12. Alternatively, depending on my availability for locations that exceed one hour an additional £90.00 fee will apply. 

Please note the trial duration is for two hours and thirty minutes, any additional time required will be chargeable at £15.00 per every half an hour.

For a Hollywood Wave trial three and a half hours are required.

Hollywood Waves Service

A Hollywood wave service is a minimum of two and a half hours to complete, 100% human hair extensions for this service are required and are to be purchased by the bride for the wedding day and ideally provided to use at the trial.

*Extensions are not included in the quoted price and are purchased by the bride in addition.

If a Hollywood wave is a considered style choice the bride must bring this to Carly’s attention upon booking.

Should a booking be confirmed and processed with the associated fee paid, with no mention from the bride of a Hollywood wave or if they have a change of mind upon trial, this will result in Carly being unable to complete all services stated on the original booking (due to the additional time required for the Hollywood wave service).

If this scenario does arise Carly will provide details of recommended stylists for the bride to contact who may be able to assist with any services she is unable to complete.

If none of the recommended stylists are available, it is then the bride's responsibility to source their own stylist to assist with the services that Carly is unable to complete.

Due to the Hollywood wave service time this may result in Carly having to pass over guest services to another stylist. If this then reduces the costing to under the minimum booking charge the minimum booking charge will apply.

*Please refer to the ‘Additional Stylist’ section within the terms & conditions.

Invoicing & Payments

An invoice to secure the booking will be raised (Booking Fee) and sent once you have confirmed that you are happy with the quote.

An additional invoice for the remaining balance will be raised and sent approximately one month before the wedding date and will need to be paid within one week of receiving the invoice.

Minimum Booking 

There is a minimum booking charge of £520.00. 

For example, minimum booking includes: One Bridal hair service and three Guest services.

Carly will be happy to take on smaller bridal bookings however, the minimum booking charge will apply.

On weddings, out of peak season or on weekdays the minimum booking fee may be removed at the discretion of Carly.

Additional Stylist

If an additional stylist is required to complete hair services alongside Carly for larger bridal parties due to limited time frames on your wedding day, the process will be as follows:

Carly will make the first point of contact with the selected stylist(s) to check their availability.

Carly will suggest a stylist based on their availability - All recommendations will have their own business of a similar standard to Carly. This will then allow you to research their social media portfolios to ensure that they are a suitable stylist for your bridal party. 

Once you have contacted the additional stylist you will be required to secure the date in their diary by way of deposit as per their own business T&C's. At this point, all administration and correspondence for the additional services will be communicated between the stylist and yourself.

Carly Cox Wedding Hair operates independently and does not hire assistants to complete services on behalf of her business, any recommended stylist works solely for their respective businesses and Carly Cox Wedding Hair holds no responsibility for the recommended stylists businesses and how they operate.

Cancellations due to circumstances out of your control 

If you find yourself in a position whereby you need to cancel your booking due to unforeseen circumstances out of your control such as a lockdown, National or Local restrictions that will not allow your wedding to take place your booking fee can be transferred to a new date and there will be no additional charge providing I am available. However, you may incur additional charges due to inflation when moving to an alternative year. Should I be unavailable for your new date I will recommend reputable stylists for you to contact, and the initial booking fee remains non-refundable.

Cancellations by Carly

Should Carly find herself in an unfortunate and rare situation due to illness, personal emergency, injury, or circumstances out of her control she will, of course, seek to provide a suitable replacement. This of course cannot be guaranteed, and should Carly be unable to provide a suitable replacement a full refund will be provided excluding any trial costs.

Booking amendments / Cancellation by the client

Amendments such as removing services from the booking can be made up to six months prior to the wedding date.

Amendments under six months before the wedding date 50% of the service(s) that are being cancelled will still be payable by the client.

Should the booking total amount fall under the minimum booking charge after amendments the minimum booking charge will apply.

If you wish to cancel your booking, six months' notice is required. Under six months' notice, 50% of the total booking will be payable by the client.



There is an option to book an exclusivity service where Carly will remain with you on your special day from the initial completion of hair services through to 6pm. This includes the morning styles for the bridal party, either a change of style/adjustments in the evening for the the bride, and touch-ups only to the morning styles for the original guest services. For this service, my day rate of £1,295.00 excluding travel will apply with a non-refundable 50% booking fee to be paid. 

Exclusivity bookings will not be guaranteed until the 50% booking fee has been paid.

Travel​ & Charges

Mileage for travel to and from the wedding hair location will be charged at £0.50p per mile. (*Mileage for travel will be calculated from the OX12 postcode).

For wedding hair trials, Carly can travel up to one hour to complete hair at your preferred location, for locations that exceed one hour an additional £90.00 fee will apply. 

All clients will be required to cover any travel expenses such as mileage which will be quoted at your time of enquiry. For bookings that require travel of more than two hours from the OX12 location, a hotel will be required and will be included within your quotation.

Any parking costs this will need to be prearranged and paid for by the bride before my arrival.

For destination wedding bookings, costs for flights, airport transfers, and parking both in the UK and at the wedding destination will be provided by the bride and will be included within my quotation.

Should you require me to start hair services at one venue and change to a different location to complete the hair services there be a £50.00 venue change charge applied.

Client Responsibility 

The client must provide information that may limit the use of any equipment or associated products, including allergies, sensitivities, medical conditions, and medication. A record of this information will be documented on the trial consultation form.

I cannot be held liable for loss or damage resulting from failure to provide me with any information stated above, and I reserve the right to refuse hair services to any members of the bridal party who may be deemed to be at risk.


Photography / Images

The client agrees that photographs that include hairstyling of the bride or bridal party which has been completed by myself or a stylist recommended by Carly Cox Wedding Hair can be repurposed purely for business use such as my website, social media platforms, and or other forms of business advertising.

Data Protection

It is required by law to retain records of your services including personal data. All personal data is stored securely and cannot be accessed by anyone other than myself or the stylist provided.  This data is used to carry out your instructions and to make contact when required. Records are kept for six years, after which time (providing you are no longer a client) will be destroyed securely. There are no circumstances under which this information might be passed on to a third party.


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